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Faith and Mental Health

Faith and Mental Health

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my first blog entry! So glad to see you here. ❤️ First off, I want to express how much I love Jesus, my LORD and Savior, my God. He is the very reason I am still here and able to create a blog. I am forever grateful to Him for carrying me through all the burdens. To Him be all the glory.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, in the darkest valley, deep in the wilderness, and you feel like there is no way out, I completely understand and can empathize with you. I know what that feels like. Some well-intentioned Christians may even tell you that your faith is weak, but I want to remind you that your anxiety and depression are not indicators of a lack of faith. Maybe the internal suffering you’re going through is so painful, (oftentimes an accumulation of unresolved trauma) that your body, mind, and heart are fully compromised. Even the most faithful and devoted leaders of the Church have demons to conquer also. We live in a fallen world after all. If you’re like me, the symptoms of clinical anxiety and depression can sometimes be too severe and disabling to be able to overcome them on our own. This is why a deep, personal relationship with Jesus is so very crucial for us. If it means needing to be completely dependent on God just to function in life, then maybe our suffering isn’t in vain after all.

“In my weakness, God’s strength is perfected. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Corinthians 12:9-11

I’m not a Biblical scholar nor do I pretend to be. While I feel ill-equipped to give advice, I can tell you what I know. Faith plays a critical role in mental health. There has never been a time ever in my life when God did not come to rescue me from myself. I created a blog to share my experience as a woman of faith who has lived with mental illness my whole life.

It is meant to encourage you, bring you hope, and to remind you that God is faithful. Follow my blog and see how God has revealed His love time and time again in every obstacle I’ve faced. He will for you, too. ❤️

11 responses to “Faith and Mental Health”

  1. I tend to agree, Micaela. Anxiety and depression are very misunderstood a lot of times for lack of faith. They’re both considered medical conditions, as well as, blood pressure problems or anything else one faces. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Congrats on your first blog! I love it! 💜

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  2. So happy you are sharing this. Having experienced trauma during her time as a volunteer in the Middle East a loved one is battling PTSD. Sadly her faith in God’s love is also under attack so I’ll follow your blog with interest. It is much needed.

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    • I will be praying for her. The enemy knows her and my weakness and will use it against us. He attacks our mind. I know people will say to put the whole armor of God to fight against the schemes of the devil… but with PTSD we can’t think when we get triggered. I will write more about that soon. God bless you my sister, and thank you for following my posts! Your friend is in my heart now. I’m praying for her. ❤️


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